DOC コッリ・ボロニェージ カベルネ・ソーヴィニョンセッティマーナ・デイ・ヴィーニ その1




settimana dei viniさて、エノテカ・イタリアーナでは今週の土曜日(5月29日)より『SETTIMANA DEI VINI』というイベントがはじまります。要するにワインイベント週間ということで一週間の間、一般入場5ユーロで相当数のワインが試飲し放題などのイベント盛りだくさんで、日によってシチリアのお魚やキアニーナの牛なんかも振舞われるという夢企画(笑)なんですが、なんと今年で44回目を迎えます。

移転とともにヴェローナではVINITALYという名前に改名され今年で44周年ということになったのです。一方シエナでは、規模はかなり?縮小しましたが、この名残で年に一度6月にこのSETTIMANA DEI VINI『セッティマーナ・デイ・ヴィーニ』という名前でイベントが開催されこちらも44回を迎えるということになったのです。



settimana dei vini2


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1. Posted by ひらやん   2010年05月29日 20:40
5 おばさん!お久しぶりです(゚▽゚)/
2. Posted by RUMI   2010年05月30日 00:09
5 こんにちは。お久しぶりです。



3. Posted by infoitalia   2010年06月01日 23:27
4. Posted by NOBU   2010年06月03日 00:06
5. Posted by NOBU   2010年06月03日 00:10
RUMI さんコメントどうもです。ご無沙汰してます!最近は僕もワイン飲みまくってます。^^色んな発見が結構ある今日この頃です。最近だとトスカーナのシラーで美味いのがありました。頃合を見てブログにも書けたらいいんですが。
6. Posted by infoitalia   2010年06月03日 00:13
7. Posted by miumiu 財布 楽天   2013年12月19日 12:13
In the shop the old man behaved in a very strange way, and Muller, standing at his counter, had begun of late to make a grimace of annoyance at the entrance of the unbidden guest. In the first place, the strange visitor never asked for anything. Every time he went straight to a corner by the stove and sat down in a chair there. If the seat by the stove were occupied, after standing for some time in bewildered perplexity before the gentleman who had taken his place, he walked away, seeming puzzled, to the other corner by the window. There he fixed on a chair, deliberately seated himself in it, took off his hat, put it on the floor beside him, laid his stick by his hat, and then, sinking back into the chair, he would remain without moving for three or four hours. He never took up a newspaper, never uttered a single word, a single sound, and simply sat there, staring straight before him with wide-open eyes, but with such a blank, lifeless look in them that one might well bet he saw and heard nothing of what was going on around him. The dog, after turning round two or three times in the same place, lay down sullenly at his feet with its nose between his boots, heaving deep sighs, and, stretched out full length on the floor, it too stayed without moving the whole evening as though it bad died for the time. One might imagine that these two creatures lay dead all day somewhere, and only at sunset came to life again, simply to visit Muller’s shop to perform some mysterious, secret duty. After sitting for three or four hours, the old man would at last get up, take up his hat and set off somewhere homewards. The dog too got up, and, with drooping tail and hanging head as before, followed him mechanically with the same slow step. The habitual visitors at the shop began at last to avoid the old man in every way and would not even sit beside him, as though he gave them a feeling of repulsion. He noticed nothing of this.
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DOC コッリ・ボロニェージ カベルネ・ソーヴィニョンセッティマーナ・デイ・ヴィーニ その1